Doublesmith GmbH
Based in St. Pölten, Austria

Release date:
Oct, 2015

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Get ready to go on a quest for treasure that will lead you through a far-off land of mystery and intrigue. YOU are the Impossible Super Ninja, and this is the most intense super impossible one-button game you will ever encounter! Your mission is to clear all the towers and collect all of the diamonds you find along your journey. Tap to play a game of stealth, strategy and endless challenge. Jump! Scale Walls! Hop from side-to-side as you dodge spikes, spinning blades, throwing stars and avoid obstacles galore. Do you have the patience and the skill to capture all of the treasure on your journey? Will you unlock all of the characters in your Ninja Clan?




  • Simple controls: easy to pick up, but hard to master!
  • A unique ensemble of Ninjas to unlock including Zombie Ninja, Unicorn Ninja, Dragon Ninja and many more!
  • Oodles of traps and obstacles to overcome
  • Delightful 2-D style


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      About Doublesmith GmbH

      Double Smith is a small game studio run by Reinhard and Gila Schmid, two industrie veterans who worked for studios like Rockstar Games, Walt Disney (Blackrock Studios), Rabcat and Quadriga FX, where they helped to ship AAA titles like Forza Horizon, Split Second, Manhunt2, Crackdown2, Cursed Mountain and 20+ Casino and Slot games for the Austrian Lotteries(Win2Day).

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      Impossible Super Ninja Credits

      Reinhard Schmid
      Programmer, 2D/3D Artist, Animator

      Gila Schmid
      2D/3D Artist, Animator, Designer

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