Keepy Ducky – We have teamed up with iBallisticSquid and Disney Maker Studios to bring you KEEPY DUCKY! Meet Ali-A, Amy Lee, Ashdubh and many other characters in iBalisticSquids Keepy Ducky!

The concept is simple, but nonetheless a challenge – Keep a duck in the air for as long as possible by shooting it with snowballs. As soon as one of them lands on the floor, the game is over und you are ready for another round. As you continue juggling the duck you will be able to unlock iBallisticSquids friends as playable characters, more colorful levels and pets, that accompany you with their special talent.



Burg Schreckenstein – the official game to the movie is a challenging one-button game!  Play for the girls or the boys with the cute game-avatars. Find the secret knight chamber without beeing detected by Director Rex or Director Horn and overcome various obstacles on your journey!



It is fast, it is intense, it is provocative – it is the POLEDANCE SIMULATOR.

POLEDANCE SIMULATOR is published by GAMESinFLAMES and available now on the Google Play Store. There is also a HTML5 Version on for those who prefer dancing on Apple iOS or the PC.




Impossible Super Ninja is the most intense one-button game!  Your mission is to clear all the towers and collect all of the diamonds you find along your journey. Tap to play a game of stealth, strategy and endless challenge. Jump! Scale Walls! Hop from side-to-side as you dodge spikes, spinning blades, throwing stars and avoid obstacles galore. Do you have the patience and the skill to capture all of the treasure on your journey? Will you unlock all of the characters in your Ninja Clan?

For more informations have a look at the Impossible Super Ninja presskit!

“…macht super schnell süchtig und hat mich in den Wahnsinn getrieben.” -


Firewater is not your run-of-the-mill endless runner game, this is not a joyride.  It’s a breakneck speed boosting bonanza like no other!  Quick! It’s time to vamoose, buckaroos!

For more informations have a look at the Firewater presskit!




Lose your head in Headless as you take control of a headless chicken trying to stay alive! Headless, the new endless runner by Double Smith, now available on iOS.How far can a headless chicken run? Download Headless to find out now! What are you, chicken? Visit the Headless Presskit for more informations!

“Looks bloody good”Pocketgamer

“… just enjoy all the bloody goodness this game provides.”DroidGamers

“To say Headless has a dark sense of humor would be a supreme understatement.” -Androidpolice

“Time for some headless fun with those bloody chickens!”148 Apps

 “Mit 89 Cent kann man hier nicht viel falsch machen… “