We are currently working to 100% with Orcari Games on the Cryptant project for PC and Consoles.

The Cryptant team is assembled of professionals coming from companies like 343 Industries, Rockstar Games, Nvidia, Warner Bros., Lionhead and others.

Previous Work

Before evolving the company, Gila and Reinhard released a dozen mobile games as DoubleSmith.

Those games were either self-published or for high profile clients like Disney and Docomo Digital. Here are a few of them:

Keepy Ducky – We have teamed up with iBallisticSquid and Disney Maker Studios to bring you Keepy Ducky! Meet Ali-A, Amy Lee, Ashdubh and many other characters in iBalisticSquids Keepy Ducky! Trailer:

Lose your head in Headless as you take control of a headless chicken trying to stay alive! Headless is an endless runner. How far can a headless chicken run? Trailer:

Burg Schreckenstein – the official game to the movie is a challenging one-button game!  Play for the girls or the boys with the cute game-avatars.

It is fast, it is intense, it is provocative – it is the Poledance Simulator. Meet Jesus, Hitler Trump, the Queen and many more, dancing on the pole! Trailer:


Impossible Super Ninja is the most intense one-button game! Jump! Scale Walls! Hop from side-to-side as you dodge spikes, spinning blades, throwing stars and avoid obstacles! Trailer:

Firewater is not your run-of-the-mill endless runner game, this is not a joyride.  It’s a breakneck speed boosting bonanza like no other!  Quick! It’s time to vamoose, buckaroos! Trailer: